215/75R16 ROADSTONE CP321 116Q

215/75R16 ROADSTONE CP321 116Q


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215/75R16 ROADSTONE CP321 116Q

Rolling Resistance: C

Wet Grip: C

Noise Performance: 72

Runflat: FALSE

More about the brand

Roadstone tyres are based in Japan with a plant in Korea at the Yangsan plant where tyres are produced in more than a half a million square foot plant. The second plant is in Qingdao China which is also one of the largest tyre plants in the world. They recently opened a third plane in Korea, boasting a similar sized plant with cutting edge technology, automated production facilities, and eco-friendly output.

They also offer a global R&D system with facilities in China, Germany and the US where research is contantly taking place to better understand tyre performance and enhancements.

Roadstone also boasts one of the highest sales growth rates of any tyre manufacturer in the world. They have become one of the brand leaders in more than 100 countries and continue to make headway into the marketspace. Qualities like good handling, excellent construction, attractive profiles, and excellent material science have made Roadstone one of the teams to beat in the tyre industry. Add to that the brand name and market influence of roadstone, and it just makes sense that they would have a substantial impact in the minds of consumers.